A lot of people ask me how I do the lighting in my photos, so I wrote a tutorial about one of my most favorite lighting tools: The striplight.

Learn how it looks, what it does, how you use it and where you can get it. Five of the ten pages contain "Basics" to make sure the tutorial is not only suitable for experienced photographers but for beginners as well.

Lighthing Tutorial: High Precision Lighthing Tools: The Striplight

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  • p1: Cover
    p2: Introduction: High precision lighting tools
    p3: Basics: Hard vs. soft light
    p4: Basics: How to read the clock
    p5: The striplight as a rim light
    p6: Basics: The striplight alone
    p7: Six examples from my work
    p8: The striplight as overhead light
    p9: Basics: The setup of the striplight
    p10: The striplight as keylight
    p11: Basics: The grid makes all the difference / So, where can you get your own striplight?

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